Reliable Supplier of advanced laboratory equipments, IT solutions for medical and specialized labs, chemical reagents and raw materials.


Analytical Solutions

It does not matter either you are dealing with food, environmental, plastic, metal, ceramic, fine powders or rough rocks. We can support manufacturers of cement in the same way as scientist that are working with thin layers of high technological coatings.
Our experience in elemental and compositional analysis is key success factors for implementing systems from routine quality control up to high sophisticated materials research.
Advanced Laboratory Technologies can assist your most demanding investigation in creation new materials for solar cell and even simple plastic toy.
We know how to use the most recent technologies to implement system of quality and safety control in many fields.

Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

Strategic to be Department of molecular and cell biology provides the whole complex of high-technology services for proper research, diagnostic and medical procedures implementation, as well as technologies for right functional activity maintenance and target application of cell culture lines/stem cells.
Also technologies of DNA/RNA analysis that are used in such applied fields of our interest as medicine and medical research studies, pharmacogenetics, medical and veterinary diagnostics, forensic, , GMO-analysis and agricultural biotechnologies.
In addition, our department gives the whole spectrum of Bioproduction solutions starting from scientific studies and R&D trough validation and scaling up right to finite product storage. All mentioned above is guaranteed to be accompanied by scientific, service and methodical clients support according to highest European standards.


ALT Europe propose modern, scalable, reliable medical (MCMED) and laboratory (MCLAB) information systems. With their help, medical and laboratory information technology effectively applied to the activities of medical institutions and laboratories of any profile and provides comprehensive automation of their work.MIS "EMCMED" and LIS "EMCLAB" is aimed to comprehensively automate the majority of processes taking place in modern medical institutions and laboratories. Automation and computerization of medical and laboratory facilities is one of the most essential problems of the 21st century. Solving it will allow to decrease the expenditures when preparing accounts, simplify and optimize document workflow, decrease the number of mistakes made by personnel, make the work in the medical and laboratory facility more effective and eventually significantly improve the quality of service that is provided to clients.

Microscopy & histopathology department

We are an official partner of world leaders in the field of precise high-end equipment. Microscopy&histopathology department provides complete solutions to perform both routine and complex tasks of industry, life science, education, clinical and forensic fields. The high quality of our products is confirmed by long-term work in a number of leading laboratories and companies worldwide. All specialists of our department take part in regular methodical and technical trainings. Thus, with our great experience, we guarantee the full spectrum of service and methodical support according to highest European standards. We'll find individual solutions to each customer need within the next product categories:

  • Widefield microscopy
  • Stereomicroscopy
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Electron Microscopy sample preparation
  • Histology sample preparation

Raw materials

We work with the world's leading suppliers of chemical products in Europe, the US, China and supply of chemical products, including raw materials for medicines, cosmetics, household chemicals, agricultural chemistry, car care products. The range of raw materials including:

  • Polymers
  • dyes
  • solvents
  • surfactants
  • fragrances
  • Preservatives and biocides
  • fungicides
  • herbicides
  • insecticides
  • And much more.


We are experts in logistics and operate all types of land, air or sea transport and carry out transportations worldwide. Our activities cover a wide range of logistics services:

  • Bonded warehouse services
  • Forwarding
  • Transshipment of all goods types (all classes of dangerous, oversized and heavy cargo)
  • Consolidation of cargoes
  • The collection, packaging, sorting, packaging, labeling
  • Cold storage
  • Packaging of liquid goods in different containers (IBC, drums, canisters)
Our advantages We speak English, German and Russian. We know the peculiarities of the customs legislation of the CIS countries and understand the needs of the customer

We know how to work in the emerging markets.
We have 10 years of experience in emerging markets.
We take the risks of working in the emerging markets.
Therefore, we - your reliable partner to work on emerging markets


Consulting Services

Project Management

Project Construction

Complex Equipment

Installation Equipment


Service Maintenance








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